NO PHONE: Kawana Shoppingworld, Buddina.
NO PHONE: Kawana Shoppingworld, Buddina. Warren Lynam

50 businesses left without phone lines for 8 days

UPDATE: JUST who did what to a cable causing 50 Kawana Shoppingworld businesses to have no phone lines remains a mystery.

But the good news is a Telstra spokesman is hopeful the problem could be fixed quickly.

"We have been working throughout the past week to locate and repair damage to a cable which has been causing phone disruption for some customers in and around the Kawana area," the spokesman said.

"We believe the damage was caused by a third party but we apologise to our customers for the inconvenience and assure them we are working as quickly as possible to restore services."

It was understood work by the National Broadband Network Company had caused the damage.

However a NBN Co spokeswoman has denied this was the case.

"I can confirm that we have not done any hauling or trenching at Kawana Shoppingworld in the last two weeks, so this is not an NBN issue," she said.

How would your business be affected if the phone lines were down for eight days?

This poll ended on 20 June 2016.

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It would be inconvenient but the impact wouldn't be severe.


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EARLIER: ABOUT 50 stores at Kawana Shoppingworld have been without telephone lines for eight days, thanks to a Telstra outage in the area.

Some, such as Pandora's jewellery, have also lost their Eftpos which is affecting their ability to make sales.

The problem was initially thought to have been caused by flooding, now it is being suggested it may be the National Broadband Network (NBN) and it could last for another three weeks.

Pandora's owner Nicci Madden was furious at Telstra's indifferent attitude.

"We have no Eftpos, no internet, no email, no security footage, we have nothing," she said.

She said she had lost a $500 sale on Monday purely because she didn't have access to Eftpos.

As many as 30% of Kawana Shoppingworld's shops are understood to have been affected.

Ms Madden said she had been on the phone daily trying to get Telstra to resolve the issue.

"I am so ropeable with Telstra it is not funny.

"We have no telephone lines for eight days and they don't even care.

"This morning I phoned them because they said they would have someone here yesterday to fix the problem and no one turned up.

"Now they are saying it will happen tomorrow. We have been without phones for eight days and this has still not escalated.

"My calls keep going to a call centre in the Philippines."

Ms Madden said Kawana Shoppingworld management was unable to get involved in the issue for store owners as Telstra would tell them "they are not hte customer".

"They have been trying to help, but they can't," she said.

Management couldn't be reached as it is based in New South Wales, which is celebrating the Queen's Birthday.

The Daily has contacted Telstra and is waiting for comment.

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