TEEN TYCOON: Will Deeth, 15, made $70,000 from selling toys over the Christmas period.
TEEN TYCOON: Will Deeth, 15, made $70,000 from selling toys over the Christmas period. Nev Madsen

Teen nails import trade, moves onto property market

AFTER a successful festive season selling toys, Highfields teenager Will Deeth will put a deposit on his first home next year at just 16.

The entrepreneurial teen, who was selling toys at a pop-up shop in Grand Central, was on track to make $100,000 by Christmas.

However, Will said slow trading during the Christmas week meant he only made $70,000.

"Of course that's still something I'm extremely happy with," he said.

It was seven times more the amount he made at Christmas in 2015, when he racked in $10,000 from pop-up shops at PCYC markets and shopping centres.

The 15-year-old got an early start into the importing trade with his parents running I Will Import, previously known as China Purchasing Consultants.

The family buys direct from factories and wholesalers in China.

"I think I want to buy a house in Toowoomba or buy a block of land and build three duplexes on it," Will said.

"The house would probably have to go in my parents' names but I would pay if off. We still have to work out all those details.

"I think I'd like to rent it out so I can get into the property market."

The Toowoomba Christian College student already has a business coach and plans to travel to China at least twice this year.

He will study a robotics subject in school this year and might like to study engineering at university if the life of a high-flying importer ever gets old.

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