TECH TALK: 7 apps you're sure to love!

TECHNOLOGY is unavoidable in today's digital age and it's nonsensical to try and disregard the benefits tech can offer, especially phone apps. 

The following mobile apps help users live more active lives while staying in-touch with the people who mean the most. 

1. Facebook mobile

Facebook is a great way to stay up to date with kids, grandchildren and friends in far-flung places. Download the app through the App Store (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android) and you'll wonder why you weren't on Facebook sooner - trust me! 

2. WordBrain 

Apps have changed the way the world plays games. It goes back to the times of Snake on the old Nokia phone (you know the ones that couldn't be broken- no matter how many times the ute ran them over). WordBrain is a great app for challenging your literacy skills and you'll be surprised you might need to browse the dictionary as a refresher. 

3. Hopper 

This app is for the savvy world traveller. Ever wonder how some people you're friends with seem to always get the best deals on flights - so much so that they can travel multiple times in the year with their savings? Well...they've probably jumped onto Hopper. This app allows you to set a departure location and a desired destination, as well as the dates you're hoping to travel and the app will scour the airlines for when the best flights are available and notify you. How brilliant is that?! 

4. MyFitnessPal 

The health-conscious use MyFitnessPal to understand exactly what they should be eating to meet the health goals that are right for them. Once users set up a profile, the app logs your food intake, exercise and weight to track progress with your fitness goals. The best feature has to be the scanner - which allows you to record all the health information from the barcode of the food you purchase at the store. So user-friendly! 

5. Moves

Whether you're taking a stroll through the mall, at the park or on your favourite trail, the Moves app will track and display your every move. And it gives you the proof when your friends and family don't believe you!

6. Reminders 

Ideal for those who struggle with short-team memory loss! This app will allow you to type in a reminder and select a date and time (or location!) for which you would like the reminder. The app will notify you and if you just remember to use the app - you won't be forgetting those little day-to-day things that always seem to slip your mind. 

7. Pill Monitor

Missing important medication is a real risk for many. Luckily, apps like Pill Monitor help make sure they never forget. With Pill Monitor, you can set specific reminders for different medications that have their own schedules. One popular feature even allows seniors to send their doctors a log of the medications they've taken. Complement Pill Monitor with Medwatcher, which keeps you up to date with real-time news and information about your medications.

If you haven't tried any of these apps, download them to your smartphone and see what you think. You might be surprised how technology can improve your health, your relationships and your life.

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