Beloved Mall cat believed to be killed by hoons

GRAFTON Mall customers and employees have been outraged by the apparent killing of a small grey cat that lived on the shopping centre premises.

It is believed a cleaner at the centre went outside when he heard a car hooning around the car park after hours on Tuesday, and found the dead cat and a car containing three young males.

He took down the car's number plate and the incident was later reported to police.

Grafton Mall site manager Karen Knowlson said it was quite clear the cat's death was no accident but because the culprits weren't actually seen committing the act, she wasn't sure what could be done about it.

Ms Knowlson said everyone who worked in the centre was fond of the little cat, which slept under the nearby pathologists building.

"Everybody's in mourning over it," she said.

Staff at the mall said the cat was never given a specific name, but was affectionately dubbed 'Coley' by one young girl who regularly visited the mall with her mum.

Other customers voiced their dismay via a post on the Clarence Valley Buy Swap Sell Facebook page.

Kerri Arthur said her son tried to catch it a few weeks ago, but it was too timid for them to get close enough to catch it.

"I wish we had've, because the poor little thing would still be alive," she said.

Ashley McDonald said she was devastated.

"I loved that little guy."

Others were left outraged.

"This makes me so angry," Sophie Armfield said.

"Some people are seriously so mentally sick. Poor little soul."

Staff from the Henwoods Bakery said they were sad to hear their "little mall cat" had been killed, and it would be missed.

They used to feed it whenever it came to their back door, and in the colder weather would find it hiding under their cars for warmth.

One staff member told The Daily Examiner she would have taken it home if anyone could have caught it.

"It was sort of our little mall cat," she said.

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