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1. "Filthy Cockroach" was a Queensland newspaper's front page headline referring to which Queensland halfback after a 2015 contract controversy?

2. Which ground will host two matches this year?

3. On The Footy Show in 2015, Ben Ross's arm was broken during an arm wrestle with which former Queensland winger?

4. "I didn't get this tan from sunbaking," said which Queensland indigenous legend to the National Times in 1980?

5. What was the result of the 2015 series?

6. Which identical twins played for New South Wales in State of Origin 2 last year?

7. Who is the Queensland coach?

8. After State of Origin 1 in 2015, who did Tommy Raudonikis slam as a poor leader who should never captain New South Wales again?

9. After a serious neck injury, which Queensland player was able to play for another nine years wearing a neck brace designed by his club physiotherapist?

10. "It was an Oscar-winning performance. He should have been at the World Cup for soccer," said Mal Meninga claiming that which New South Wales enforcer faked an injury in a 2014 match?

11. Which Queensland senator and former New South Wales forward quit the Palmer United Party in 2015?

12. Arthur Beetson and Tommy Raudonikis, captains in the inaugural match in 1980, played which same number of games?

13. Maroon is in which Australian state?

14. In the lead-up to State of Origin 2 in 2015, which New South Wales forward said that the Queenslanders were arrogant, disrespectful and grubby players who could only win dirty?

15. How many series did Queensland win during Mal Meninga's ten-year tenure as coach?

16. Which Queenslander has played in every match since his debut in 2005?

17. Which New South Wales forward pulled Sam Thaiday's hair in State of Origin 1 last year?

18. Last year, the deputy premier of which state stomped on a Queensland State of Origin jersey on the floor of parliament?

19. The letters FOGS, the non-profit organisation of former Queensland State of Origin players, stand for what?

20. In 2015, at which ground did a crowd of over 90 000 attend State of Origin 2?

21. Which former New South Wales player founded the nutrition company that produces the popular meal replacement product, The MAN Shake?

22. Which Queensland forward won the 2015 Wally Lewis Medal for player of the series?

23. Which Queenslander has scored the most (17) career tries?

24. In 2013, which New South Wales forward was reported to have demanded his

$30 000 match fee for State of Origin 3 despite an injury ruling him out six days before the game?

25. "The Chief" was the nickname of which former New South Wales forward?

26. How many of the 26 run-on players in the inaugural match in 1980 were New South Wales-based (a) 5 (b) 20 (c) 25?

27. Which Queenslander scored the most (26) points in 2015?

28. Which Queensland Immortal's number 11 jersey was retired in his honour for State of Origin 1 in 2014?

29. Which two on-field referees officiated at every match last year?

30. Name the New South Wales coach.

31. Which Queenslander kicked the winning field goal in the 75th minute of State of Origin 1 last year?

32. Who has played in the most (22) winning teams?

33. After the first match in 2000, New South Wales forward Robbie Kearns claimed that which Queensland prop was to blame for his team's 20-16 loss by showing poor discipline and that he had let himself and his side down?

34. Which Queensland centre played his first match in 2002 and his last in 2015?

35. In 2007, in his only match, which 31-year-old New South Wales winger scored a try and kicked three goals?

36. Darren Lockyer and which other Queenslander share the record for most (36) matches played?

37. In 2015, which Queenslander became the first player to score 200 career points?

38. In 2014, what did Matthew Johns blame for New South Wales's frequent series losses?

39. Who was the first-ever State of Origin try-scorer?

40. How many points did Queensland score in State of Origin 3 in 2015 (a) 42 (b) 52 (c) 62?

41. In his only game, which New South Wales fullback scored the match-winning try in the first match of the 2000 series?

42. Which fullback won the 2015 Brad Fittler Medal for New South Wales player of the series?

43. Which club team-mate did Arthur Beetson punch on the jaw in the inaugural match in 1980?

44. Name the two New South Wales captains in 2015.

45. Who holds the coaching record for most games, most wins and most series wins?

46. In the 78th minute in State of Origin 1 in 2015, whose attempted score-equalling field goal was pushed too far to the right?

47. In 1994, after a plea from NSWRL chief John Quayle, which premier ordered a sceptical Melbourne Cricket Club secretary to allow a State of Origin match to be played at the MCG?

48. Which Queenslander scored 18 points in State of Origin 3 in 2015?

49. Who has coached the most (14) New South Wales winning teams?

50. Who carried three defenders across the line to score a try for New South Wales in State of Origin 1 last year?




1. Daly Cherry-Evans.

2. ANZ Stadium (Sydney).

3. Wendell Sailor.

4. Arthur Beetson.

5. Queensland 2, New South Wales 1.

6. Brett, Josh Morris.

7. Kevin Walters.

8. Robbie Farah.

9. Brent Tate.

10. Greg Bird.

11. Senator Glenn Lazarus.

12. One.

13. Queensland.

14. Paul Gallen.

15. Nine.

16. Johnathan Thurston.

17. David Klemmer.

18. New South Wales (Troy Grant).

19. Former Origin Greats.

20. Melbourne Cricket Ground.

21. Adam MacDougall.

22. Corey Parker.

23. Greg Inglis.

24. Paul Gallen.

25. Paul Harragon.

26. (b) 20.

27. Johnathan Thurston.

28. Arthur Beetson.

29. Ben Cummins, Gerard Sutton.

30. Laurie Daley.

31. Cooper Cronk.

32. Cameron Smith.

33. Gorden Tallis.

34. Justin Hodges.

35. Hazem El Masri.

36. Cameron Smith.

37. Johnathan Thurston.

38. Blues booze culture.

39. Greg Brentnall. (New South Wales, 1980).

40. (b) 52.

41. David Peachey.

42. Josh Dugan.

43. Michael Cronin.

44. Robbie Farah, Paul Gallen.

45. Mal Meninga.

46. Josh Dugan.

47. Jeff Kennett.

48. Johnathan Thurston.

49. Phil Gould.

50. Beau Scott.

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