Insight into kids helps develop tactics for falling asleep

Dr John Tickell, Seniors well-being columnist
Dr John Tickell, Seniors well-being columnist

WHY do little kids sleep so well? Because as soon as the classroom door opens they run and jump and move non-stop. They get physically tired.

Why do so many adults sleep so badly? Because they sit behind desks and worry about things such as money and what other people think of them.

The old counting-the-sheep routine is not as silly as it sounds. You should be able to give your brain two simultaneous tasks that shut off the outside world.

It is very clever and you just drift off to sleep.

Other excellent ways of relaxing the brain in readiness for a great sleep are laughing, and of course the old-time cure - sex.

The physiological aftermath of the human orgasm is the best natural sleeping pill of all. So if you can have one.

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