Superstition has REAL consequences for black kittens

CHANGE OF LUCK: Riverbank Animal Hospital trainee vet nurse Dylan Brown with one of the black cats at the vets in time for Friday the 13th.
CHANGE OF LUCK: Riverbank Animal Hospital trainee vet nurse Dylan Brown with one of the black cats at the vets in time for Friday the 13th. Adam Hourigan

BLACK kittens have it tough.

In the world of rescue and rehoming, black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest rates of euthanasia.

Perhaps it's superstition, or the fact that black cats are harder to photograph, that makes it more difficult to share their character through a pet profile or story.

Whatever the reason, we thought Friday the 13th would be ideal to share a few reasons why a black cat is the perfect addition to any home looking for a little feline friend.

Throughout history black cats have been associated with good luck, not just bad, signifying royalty, wealth, social status and great fortune.

The Scots viewed black cats as a sign of prosperity and in Japan and the UK, a black cat crossing your path is a sign of good fortune to come.

Black cats go with any décor … no need to redecorate to coordinate with your black cat.

They will happily pose on your red velvet chair, white satin bed cover or charcoal couch.

Black cats are slimming. Want to look a little slimmer?

Cuddle your black cat and drop a dress size.

There's a black cat appreciation day. It's August 17 and I'm sure it would be fair to say that if you own a black cat, you should probably stay home and celebrate with your cat on this day.

That's like an extra public holiday, right?

Black cats are just like having a miniature panther at home. Majestic, regal, loyal and mysterious.

Adopt a little flavour of South America into your home.

Finally, love knows no bounds… who really cares what colour they are - give a little black cat a chance to shine in your home.

So embrace the superstition and welcome a little black beauty into your home this Friday the 13th.

Riverbank Animal Hospital currently has two little black kittens available for adoption.

Our kittens come health checked, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed for an very lucky adoption fee of $195.

Riverbank Animal Hospital is located at 60 Through Street, South Grafton or phone 02 6642 3083.

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