Your Trusted Home Care team.
Your Trusted Home Care team.

Superior in-home care services on the Central Coast

IN business, when it comes to researching the product or service you are contemplating producing or offering - nothing beats a lived experience.

For Trusted Home Care business partners Rob Curtis and Karen Barrett caring for loved ones in each of their families with the help of a range of home care providers offers a unique insight into how these services are received and perceived from the customer side of the equation.

When you add Rob's history in senior roles within multinational tech corporations where superior customer service delivered major deals and Karen's career as a registered nurse across a range of roles including aged care, it becomes clear the pair brought a unique mix of experience to the table when they sat down to map out a business plan for the Central Coast's newest in-home care provider, Trusted Home Care.

"We've both come to this through our own personal experiences, me, as a carer for two elderly parents and Karen as a carer for her special needs son,” Rob said.

"We know what it can be like and how incredible it can be when it's delivered well and how disappointing it can be if it's not delivered well,” he said.

"Communication between the companies and the people who they are serving and communication between companies and their staff is key.”

Karen and Rob have spent more than six months putting together the building blocks for their new business venture, determined to have the right people and the right processes in place before going live with offering services to the public in the area they both live, the Central Coast of NSW.

Rob has been trialling and testing communications platforms for the business to find a solution that optimises the ability for all involved in provision and receipt of care services to be informed in real time of how the service is performing. The pair are satisfied they have found a communications solution that will help them deliver great service.

They are determined to provide superior service and will be seeking feedback as often as they can to ensure the service they deliver meets their expectations.

"We'd rather be considered to be the best rather than the biggest,” Rob said. "This is a bit of a passion project for us.”

"We're going back to good old-fashioned weekly touchpoints with our clients. Good old-fashioned service.”

With 12 staff now hired and the website up and running the business partners say as of February 25 they're ready to help new clients.

When it comes to a long term vision for the business, Rob and Karen are clear: 

"To promote dignity and choice for the elderly through the provision of superior in-home care services, by outstanding care workers, supported by technology that connects family and friends.”

To find out more phone 1300 685 088.


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