Lisa Gormley and Dan Ewing in a scene from Presto's Home and Away telemovie An Eye for An Eye.
Lisa Gormley and Dan Ewing in a scene from Presto's Home and Away telemovie An Eye for An Eye. Jeremy Greive

Summer Bay favourites return for Home and Away spin-off

TWO Home and Away favourites return to Summer Bay for Presto's first local commission.

The special spin-off episode An Eye for an Eye centres on the Braxton family and will see the return of show favourites Dan Ewing (Heath) and Lisa Gormley (Bianca).

Online streaming service Presto features content from both Foxtel and Channel 7, which broadcasts Home and Away on its main channel.

"It carries on where the main season leaves off," Gormley tells APN.

"This will run alongside whatever comes in the next season. It's separate but a follow-through for the characters."

Gormley and Ewing both left the popular soap last year.

"I was really happy when they sent them (Heath and Bianca) to city because it meant I could come back," she says.

"When you leave it creates a big vacant hole (in your life). The show takes up so much time; you don't realise that until you leave.

"To walk back in was beautiful. All the old banter and jokes came back."

An Eye for an Eye sees Brax and Ricky's baby son Casey kidnapped in a calculated act of revenge by Brax's nemesis Gunno (Diarmid Heidenreich).

It's a race against time as Heath, Ash (George Mason) and Kyle (Nic Westaway) frantically search for Casey while Bianca, Ricky and Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) desperately try to raise the ransom money.

"It's an unusual role for Bianca; she's usually the voice of reason," Gormley says.

"But when a baby's involved - she's lost a baby of her own - it's a bit hard."

UK-born Gormley studied at NIDA and surprised herself as well as her school mates by landing a role on Home and Away.

"I was voted least likely to end up in Summer Bay at drama school," she laughs.

"I can't handle the beach. My brain actually shuts down in the heat so on hot days at Palm Beach Dan would make sure I'd have an umbrella and cold water. I was like an English rose melting."

She will next be seen in the psychological thriller Extremis.

The movie centres on a business executive (David O'Hara) who returns home to his family for the weekend. But within hours of his return a cataclysmic event turns their world into a toxic desert.

"That's coming out at the Berlin Film Festival in February," she says.

"We shot that in England, where I was born, but I was playing an American, which was a funny thing for me. It's really full-on and intense."

Home and Away: An Eye for an Eye premieres tomorrow on Presto.

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