Patrick J Adams plays Michael Ross alongside Meghan Markle’s Rachel Zane in Suits.
Patrick J Adams plays Michael Ross alongside Meghan Markle’s Rachel Zane in Suits. Foxtel

Suits star: ‘I can’t post about Meghan’

MEGHAN Markle's Suits co-star Patrick J Adams says he decided to quit social media after the reaction to a throwback photo he posted of the pair.

In a recent interview with Esquire the actor, who plays Mike Ross on the show, describes how things changed after his co-star started her royal romance with Prince Harry.

"I posted this old photo I had found of Meghan and I on set," he recalled of a photo that showed the actress planting a kiss on his cheek. It was a nostalgic moment, prompted in part by the 100th episode, and he thought nothing more of it.

"I went to bed, and woke up in the morning and realised 'Oh, yeah. I live in a world where you can't post things about Meghan.'

"I had this onslaught of people retweeting the thing, people thinking it was a recent picture, and I just thought, 'What the hell is going on?' he said. "It was such an innocent moment of sentimentality that was twisted into something totally different. It made me feel like ... why put myself through this? We're like brother and sister, it's not like it was lurid or anything, but it just became a story that people wanted to talk about."

Markle recently opened up to Vanity Fair about her relationship with the 32-year-old prince.

"I'm sure there will be a time when we will have to come forward and present ourselves and have stories to tell, but I hope what people will understand is that this is our time," she said.

"This is for us. It's part of what makes it so special, that it's just ours. But we're happy. Personally, I love a great love story."

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