CABOOLTURE SIEGE: Police dragging a man out of the Caboolture home where he had barricaded himself since early this morning.
CABOOLTURE SIEGE: Police dragging a man out of the Caboolture home where he had barricaded himself since early this morning. Rachel Lang

Caboolture man to face court over suburban siege

UPDATE: A CABOOLTURE family has been left in shock after a man, who Police said appears to be under the influence of drugs, forced his way into their McMillan Street home and barricaded himself inside.

John Farrugia said he noticed the man loitering at the end of his street when he left for work at 5.30am this morning.

"I got a message from my partner saying that there's a guy hanging around directly across at the neighbour's house; sitting in the garden just staring, watching, waiting," he said.

Mr Farrugia's heavily pregnant partner and three-year-old son were inside the home at the time.

"He went down the side of the house before the police turned up," Mr Farrugia said.

"He barged his way through, (she saw) he had a knife… she tried to get out and he grabbed her, threw her back, and sort of pinned her."

Relatives say the family dog tried to protect the family from the intruder, getting between them and the stranger.   

The woman and child were able to escape the property.

The man remained inside until police took him into custody at around 11.40am.

Mr Farrugia's mother, Susan Farrugia, said her son's partner and her grandson had been taken to Caboolture Hospital following the ordeal.

"I rang the hospital and the baby's heartbeat's doing fine, she's doing fine," she said.

"The little fella has some scratches."

It is believed the man forced his way into the property over a car.

The intruder is unknown to the family, whose home has been left in tatters.

"Our house is completely destroyed inside," Mr Farrugia said.  

"The house isn't even two years old and now it's destroyed.

"I even saw him throwing our baby stuff around, it's not even born."

While some of their belongings may be ruined, Mr Farrugia is thanking his lucky stars that his family will be okay.

 "It could have been a lot worse," he said.

"He was fine to have knife and do whatever means necessary to take my family out or get whatever he wanted.

"I wish the law would stop protecting these people."

Moreton District Acting Inspector Craig Sanderson said while this morning's events had been very distressing for residents, they are a rare occurrence.

"Obviously it's not something you want happening in your local area," he said. 

 "Unfortunately we do have people like this in our community and we need to take precautionary measures as well.

""It highlights what we say to the community - keep your houses locked and secure.

"If they see anyone loitering in their streets who is suspect to them or unknown, they should call police on the Policelink number straight away."

McMillan Street, Hodgkin Street, O'Neill Street, and Davison Street have been reopened to the public. 

UPDATE: Police have entered a home in Caboolture where a man barricaded himself since early this morning, and dragged the man out. 

He was wearing only underwear as officers removed him from the McMillan St home just after 11.30pm. 

Neighbours in the street were hugging and shouting as police bundled the man into a waiting ambulance. 

Moreton District Acting Inspector Craig Sanderson said the man had entered the house through an unlocked back door early this morning. 

"At the time when he entered the premises there was an occupant; she has since left the premises," he said. 

It's understood the man was armed with a knife at some stage during the siege. 

"There was a number of things that were said to her (the occupant) ... she hasn't been harmed as a result of him entering the premises," Act Insp Sanderson said. 

Police were called about 6.15am and the man barricaded himself inside the home for hours while officers negotiated for him to come out peacefully. 

The street, and three surrounding streets, have been in lockdown since an emergency situation was declared just after 8am.

UPDATE: Residents of a Caboolture street have been told to leave the street, or stay inside their homes for safety as a man holds siege inside a home. 

Moreton District Acting Inspector Craig Sanderson said the man who has barricaded himself inside a home on McMillan St since this morning was armed with a knife earlier.

"Obviously being a residential premises he's got access to the normal kitchen or other appliances or knives within the house," he said. 

It's not known how long the siege will continue.

"At this stage we've explained to all the residents in the area to either leave their residence and find another place to go at the moment or stay within their residence for safety," he said.

"Obviously any other members of the community we ask them that they don't come to this location at the moment."

The man, who is known to police, is engaging with police negotiators. 

The scene outside a Caboolture home where a man is involved in a standoff with police.
The scene outside a Caboolture home where a man is involved in a standoff with police.


BREAKING: Police have cordoned off a Caboolture street and declared an emergency situation as officers negotiate with a man barricaded inside a home. 

Officers were called to McMillan St about 6.15am to reports a man was causing a disturbance. 

Police negotiators are currently on scene.

Police do not believe that the man is in possession of a firearm but there are concerns that he may have armed himself with "household weapons such as knives", according to a Queensland Police Service spokeswoman.

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The man, who is known to police, is alone inside a house in the street, refusing to come out. 

Just after 8am police declared an emergency situation under the Public Safety Preservation Act and set up an exclusion zone, which includes Hodgkin St, O'Neill St, McMillan St and Davison St. 

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