Stop tapping you teeth

HANGING on to all your teeth until your dying day is a big one.

Fortunately, our grandchildren, won't have the problems we did in our youth and will almost certainly be able to keep all their teeth into old age.

I grew up in the era when a visit to the dentist either meant an extraction or a hole the size of the Grand Canyon drilled into a tooth which was then filled with poisonous silver amalgam.

Now my grandchildren find my fillings a source of 'have-to-look-train-wreck' horror. Every time they come close for a cuddle they ask me to show them my 'yukky, gross' fillings. I show them. It's the perfect warning for them to pay attention to their oral hygiene.

I do have all my own teeth and I'm not giving any of them up ever.

On my last dentist visit I was delighted to come out of the chair without having to suffer any treatment.

"It's all about the environment you keep your teeth in,” my dentist told me and while I have been diligent about teeth cleaning all my adult life I have never considered their environment before.

I think my dentist meant, regular cleaning, conscientious flossing, consistent mouthwash and using those little stick things to harden the gums.

"And don't tap your teeth,” the dentist told me as I was about to depart. Eh? Tapping the teeth? Who does that?

Later I thought about it while I was tapping my teeth. It occurs usually when I am at the computer editing my work. I had not been aware of it before but now am I. So, as I look back over this amusing little column for editing purposes, I must make a deliberate effort to stop the teeth tapping.

Now that I have pointed this out to you, it's likely you will become aware of your own teeth tapping. If so, stop it. Now. It's all about the environment.

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