Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in a scene from The Walking Dead. Supplied by Foxtel. Please credit photo to Gene Page/AMC.
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in a scene from The Walking Dead. Supplied by Foxtel. Please credit photo to Gene Page/AMC. Gene Page/AMC

SPOILERS The Walking Dead S6E07: Heads Up review

*SPOILERS ahead if you have not watched season six, episode seven.*

REVIEW: Where do you start?

This week's The Walking Dead, the penultimate episode of the first half of the season, progressed so many storylines it is tough to pick with which one to start.

If you haven't watched this week's episode, minimise or bookmark the page and come back when you have.

Let's start with Carol (Melissa McBride).

She and Morgan (Lennie James) have clashed over their views on the new world order: Carol is happy to kill those who threaten while Morgan has vowed not to kill.

Morgan's secretly held The Alpha Wolf (Benedict Samuel) captive, but a suspicious Carol is onto him.

How this develops will not be revealed until next week, though with Samuel confirmed to appear it can't be good news.

The episode began with the revelation Glenn (Steven Yeun) SURVIVED.

When Nicholas (Michael Traynor) shot himself at the end of Thank You, both men fell into a large group of walkers.

As the walkers devoured Nicholas, Glenn was presumably doomed.

Heads Up reveals he managed to save himself, and when he crossed paths with Enid (Katelyn Nacon).

Both are still alive and have headed back to Alexandria only to be stopped by the superherd. They released several green balloons they found on their journey to let the survivors know they were alive, but it may not have gone exactly to plan (further below).

One of Alexandria's survivors, Spencer (Austin Nichols) has already shown he can be a deceptive and selfish individual, though his actions in Heads Up took it to a whole new level.

With one act - his attempt to get past the superherd knocking on Alexandria's wall - he jeopardised the town and forced other survivors (Rick, Tara, etc.) to put their lives on the line to save him from death.

He managed to survive, again, but surely this will add more tension between the groups, as well as force Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) to come down hard on her son.

That may not be as difficult as it was in previous weeks given the two groups are now working much closer together, though the final scene begs more questions than what could possibly be answered.

Throughout Heads Up one of the buildings slowly fell apart, then in the final, silent, scene, it collapsed, taking a section of the wall with it.

David Boyd's perfectly directed and composed sequence saw the survivors notice the balloons to reveal Glenn was alive, only to be left to run for safety as the building collapsed.

The way it ended on that note leaves a juicy mid-season finale which could be an all-out assault on the town.

A few more things:

- Ron was taught how to shoot by Rick (Andrew Lincoln), and was given a gun to "get used to carrying it". He and Carl (Chandler Riggs) don't exactly see to eye, and when Ron stole several bullets from the armoury and followed Carl it left open the possibility the teenager is about to seek revenge.

- Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) has been rather quite this season though his small exchange with Rick was a good one. He is leading a prayer group inside presumably to give survivors more hope.

This was an enormous episode, one that could easily be rated the best of the season - potentially series- so far.

It was packed with several huge developments in the narrative that has left us hungry for next week's mid-season finale.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Walking Dead airs Mondays at 12.30pm and 7.30pm (AEST) on FX (Channel 119).

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