South Korean company only hires over-55 workers

JOB DESCRIPTION: Monitor content on the internet with a tech-savvy company.

APPLICANT DESCRIPTION: Only over-55s may apply.

Seems too good to be true, right? Well believe it seniors!

South Korean company EverYoung has bucked the trend of putting millennials at the top of the employee list by only hiring recruits aged 55 and over with their oldest staff aged 83!

And it's all to prove a point.   

South Korea's corporate environment is infamous for a 'youth-first' policy with older workers pushed into retirement before the official retirement age of 60.

Nearly 82 percent of South Korean workers in recent poll said they felt at risk of being pushed into early retirement.

However, the rife issue of age discrimination was one that Mr Chung Eunsung wanted to tackle when he started EverYoung.

EverYoung's senior workforce are trained to use platforms on the country's version of Google, monitor content, code and even educate the younger generation!

The roster is a block of four-hour shifts with compulsory 10-minute breaks every 50 minutes in which staff can take advantage of the breakout area.

There is even a blood pressure machine on hand if the stress levels become too high!

"We wanted to find a way to get these seniors to participate in economic activities," EverYoung manager Mr Kim Seong-Kyu told

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