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The watch that keeps you safe, anytime, anywhere

HELP is just three seconds away for wearers of the SOS Watch, a cutting-edge product offering the best of smart watch and mobile technology in a light weight wearable format making staying safe easier than ever.

The watch, which operates via a sim card across the mobile network, includes all the elements you would expect in a smart watch, including internet access, a pedometer, a heart rate monitor and, of course, the time.

It's also linked to a 24-hour emergency response service for seniors Australia-wide, accessed by simply holding down one of the side buttons on the watch for three seconds.

The SOS Watch spokesperson, Rory Wheeler, said the product was developed in response to data showing falls and fall related injuries are the leading cause of injury and hospitalisation in Australia for people aged 65 years.

"Each year, 1 in 3 of your loved ones aged 65 and over will experience a fall. It is not uncommon for them not to be found for hours or even days due to an inability to call for help. A medical alarm is the most practical solution to getting immediate help," Mr. Wheeler said.

Falls are a common and predictable consequence of many medical conditions and increasingly affects us as we age. Thanks to advances in medical technology, people are progressively able to access resources which comfortably allow them to stay in their homes and continue living independently, but at what cost?

The SOS Watch is linked to a 24-hour emergency response service for seniors Australia-wide.
The SOS Watch is linked to a 24-hour emergency response service for seniors Australia-wide. SOS Watch

"Having a medical alarm is not a luxury, it is a necessity," Mr Wheeler said.

"SOS Watch is making the difference for seniors who need help, by providing the best selection of alarms, at the most affordable prices."

"In the event of an emergency the wearer will immediately be put straight through to an emergency response team who work 24/7 as a triage system.

"If it is an acute emergency, the emergency response team will immediately call for an ambulance.

"If it is a lesser emergency, they will get into contact with up to 5 predetermined next of kin contacts to communicate what has happened.

"This ensures that the wearer will always have access to instant help no matter what time of day, or where they are."

From the user perspective, the watch format is easy to use and offers great functionality.

Kim Porteous and her husband Michael both have the watches and use them every day.

"I use it every day for everything from music when I'm walking in the morning to going over my Facebook and emails for the day," Kim said.

"The writing and numbers are so big and easy to see, making the watch so simple to use.

"I know it is there for me whenever I need in an emergency, but I like using it for everyday activities as well. I love this watch better than my Fitbit, I wear my SOS Watch instead!

"Our kids call us on the watch all the time whenever we forget our phones."

SOS Watch has partnered with Friends With Dignity, Australian Charity of the Year 2018, to provide these alarms to Australians living in a domestic violence situation.

By teaming up with Friends With Dignity, SOS Watch is now providing their life saving technology at the most affordable price to even more Australians in need.

SOS Watch also produce an emergency pendant for those who prefer to carry an emergency alarm in a different format.

The watches retail for $249 and hold their charge for up to 72 hours so they only need to be recharged once every three days while you're having dinner.

To find out more see the SOS Watch website at or phone 1300 767 225.

For more on Friends With Dignity and the services they offer, see

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