Aussies carve watermelons as Halloween becomes 'Aussie'

IF YOU are one of those who feels the blood boiling when Halloween-themed decorations come out for sale, when oversized pumpkins are advertised as "great for carving" and suddenly children are dressed as vampires -- we have bad news.

In Australia, Halloween is growing.

It is no longer something that Americans do. It is something that we do here as well.

New researched funded by Woolworths found about nine out of 10 (88%) of parents have noticed Halloween becoming more popular in their local area.

One in four parents have noticed "Halloween street parties" and one in 10 (9%) have watched others carve summer fruits like watermelon.

Australians are expected to spend close to $135 million on Halloween celebrations, despite most parents not experiencing the event when they were children.

On average, Woolworths estimates parents will spend an average of $36 on lollies, decorations and costumes.

About 500,000 will carve a pumpkin, and 100,000 will carve a watermelon.

Woolworths director of buying and merchandise Steve Donohue said while most parents didn't celebrate Halloween as kids, about 70% who have young children will make an effort next week.

"There is also a trend towards shaping and localising the day into an Aussie tradition for their families."

Aside from the watermelon carving, he does not mention how it is being Australianised.

Perhaps children this Halloween can dress up as yowies or bunyips.

Happy Halloween.

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