Seniors Soapbox
Seniors Soapbox

SOAPBOX -Your say on TV

Dear Sir

Thankyou for offering me the opportunity to share my views to you.

I hope I can go for more than one!

Unfortunately they will come out more like complaints, but I hope you will stay with me.

Eighty-Three next month and it gets harder and harder to get the body and mind to do the chores around the house, as well as enjoy the hobbies that filled in the days.

That leaves of course the TV…it would be so good to settle down to watch a program for instance…English dramas and mysteries. Having a love of the English countryside, and stories relating to that generation, as both my parents came from the 'old country',

I really look forward to seeing them.

Well this is the complaint….as well as the opinion….why oh why are we subjected to…having  background music that is louder than the actor's speaking.

Lip reading is not one of my skills,

I cannot follow the story with some great symphony blasting away at the same time.

Whey they make a program where you can totally turn off the background music, I will feel I can really settle down to relax and enjoy the program.

How do others put up with it? I don't understand how it seems to be acceptable.

Also the blasting out of the increase in volume for the ads. Do we have to accept these things?

Little me on my own…what power have I got?

All I can do is turn the TV off and go to bed if I don't accept it.


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