Cold and flu season is upon us.
Cold and flu season is upon us. Anna Bizov(div)¬-

SOAPBOX: Time for a jab to fend off the flu bug

IT'S that time of year.

Cold and flu season.

The wave of sickness has already well and truly washed over our workplace and I'm sure many others.

Echoing coughs, constant nose blowing and violent sneezing can be heard all day long.

While there is no vaccine to prevent the common cold we do have a good chance of fending off the dreaded flu.

And it's time for us all to decide whether or not to get the jab.

After being struck down with the lurgy four years ago, and being the sickest I've ever been, I for one jump at the chance to get vaccinated each year.

Even if I have to pay for the privilege.

It has become somewhat of a yearly ritual and even something I look forward to.

Call me crazy but if there's a vaccine to stop me from getting sick I'll happily be injected.

You see, it's not fun for anyone when I'm sick.

I'm sad, grumpy, irritable and whinge to make sure all the people around me know this.

Granted I can understand if you have a needle phobia there will be no convincing you getting the jab is a good idea, but for the rest I urge you to make the effort.

Not only for yourself but for the rest of humankind.

I've never experienced a nasty side effect from the vaccine, the only downside is the unavoidable aching arm.

But that only lasts a day and I would rather that than the flu any day.

So please get the jab or stay home with your germs and don't risk infecting the rest of us.

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