The eye-watering prices that come with a haircut are hard to justify.
The eye-watering prices that come with a haircut are hard to justify. Luka Kauzlaric

SOAPBOX: Price of a cut makes your hair curl

I'VE never really been able to justify the eye-bleedingly expensive cost of a ladies' haircut (and colour - got to hide the greys after all), but since having kids my confusion over the cost of haircuts has only grown.

Earlier this week I saw a post on Facebook from a local hairdresser lambasting a customer who had the nerve to question the $25 cost of a young child's cut.

But in my kids' short lifetimes there has already been a considerable number of times that I've been asked to hand over my hard-earned cash after they've sat in a hairdresser's seat for five, maybe 10 minutes max, for a quick snip, often of pretty questionable standard.

If you calculate out the rough hourly rate that's the makings of a pretty sweet pay packet, and one considerably more hefty than most other tradies and professionals I know, especially as the only "cost" associated with a kids' cut is sharpening your scissors every so often.

The hairdresser had expounded her "years of experience" to justify the rate, and had gone as far as to say it wasn't enough.

Fair enough, hairdressers deserve to be paid for their expertise and I'm not questioning the difficulty of cutting hair, given I gave it a go a while back and it's just lucky that my son was too young to remember and hold it against me.

But does cutting hair really deserve a higher hourly rate than, say, a teacher, or even a nurse?

I say, no.

Sorry to the quality hairdressers out there, but I can understand the client questioning the rate.

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