Australia's Barrington Tops transforms into winter wonderland

THE winter rush to Barrington Tops has begun in earnest after footage of a dusting of snow across the national park sparked interest on social media.

However, the Barrington Tops National Park have warned visitors lured by a potential winter wonderland to be prepared for the season's extremes.

A video filmed by Nathan Dodd and posted to the Barrington Tops Snow Chasers Facebook page took off when it was shared by Snowsearch Australia.

The video, which was filmed at lunchtime on Wednesday, shows snow teeming down and coating the ground with a good covering.

At the time of writing, the video had racked up 298,000 views and received 2,700 likes.

But with the snow comes a higher risk to visitors.

"A lot of people turn up fairly unprepared for the conditions and for the fact those conditions can change pretty rapidly," Barrington Tops National Park Area Manager Anthony Signor told Seniors News.

"(Visitors) really need to have really good, warm clothing, good wet weather gear, bring some extra blankets and extra clothing just in case you get wet or get stuck.

"It's a bit of common sense and preparation for those cold, wet conditions that people really need to be mindful of."

In the footage, several cars can be seen parked around the area and Mr Signor said traffic was another are of concern.

"When it snows the place becomes really popular," he said.

"And that combination of a lot of traffic and people not being fully aware of the conditions occasionally incidents can occur.

"(So) people really need to take their time and drive really carefully.

"(And) depending on the conditions, sometimes it necessitates a (road) closure … it's just far too dangerous for vehicles at that point."

Despite the stunning footage, Mr Signor said the recent snow fall was only a minor event with the conditions not yet cold enough to prompt significant dumping.

"It would have been a matter of millimetres and it wasn't long lasting at all," he said.

"It's been mostly rain up there."

But with the Barrington Tops being the highest point in Australia outside the alpine region, Mr Signor said snowchasers and tourists "can expect a few (snow) falls" in the coming months.

For more information on conditions and travelling to Barrington Tops visit the Barrington Tops National Park website.

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