Are you afraid of spiders?

Scared of spiders? Simple trick banishes creepy-crawlies

MOST Australians have faced the shock of a huge spider hanging out in their bedroom, or bathroom, or wherever else they want to make home.

But thankfully for arachnophobes there's a simple way to keep your living space critter-free, without harming the eight-legged creatures.

There's no need to call in pest control, as flushing out the spiders can be as easy as spritzing peppermint-scented products around.

After vacuuming and dusting your home to rid an existing webs, mix up the two-part solution.

To make the repellent, add around 20 drops of peppermint oil to a bottle of water.

Scented solution will keep away the eight-legged freaks.
Scented solution will keep away the eight-legged freaks. Peter Kinowski

After pouring this into a spray bottle, spritz generously around your house.

Take extra care to cover any small nooks and crannies, which can provide the perfect hidey holes for the eight-legged creatures.

Unlike other methods, this one prevents the bugs from being harmed.

Instead, it encourages them to relocate to your garden - so you won't need to worry about getting crawled on in the night.

Your home serves as a warm, dry place, ideal for the creepy-crawlies to seek comfort - and there's a surprising number of different species of them all over Australia.

This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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