Siege gunman: "I'm shooting you and killing the baby"

A MAN will serve more than 1000 days in jail after he threatened to shoot his partner and infant son with a sawn-off shotgun and launched a five-hour siege on a suburban Caboolture street.

On June 27, 2014, the man, who cannot be named to protect the child's identity, woke in a car outside his partner's house. He had had a seizure the day before and taken speed that morning.

After getting into an argument with his partner he attacked her - punching her repeatedly and dragging her around the house and backyard by her hair.

He found a sawn-off shotgun which he hit her with before he threatened to kill her and their 20-month-old son if she called the police.

"If they come I'm holding a siege, I'm shooting you and killing the baby," he said.

On Friday the man pleaded guilty at the Brisbane District Court to charges including armed assault, deprivation of liberty, serious armed assault, threatening violence and weapons charges.

With lacerations to her scalp, the woman managed to escape him and raise the alarm.

Police arrived quickly and locked down the area.

He held up the infant to police through a window and pointed the shotgun at him and swore at the police.

After a five-hour stand-off the man peacefully surrendered to police.

The court heard the man had developed epilepsy and a brain injury after he was assaulted.

He had been "self-medicating" with the drugs speed and heroin.

After having a seizure the day before he took drugs when he woke up and become angry with his partner and attacked her.

When she tried to flee he found the shotgun and attacked her with it. It was fired twice, once when they were struggling and a second time when a neighbour came over to see what the disturbance was.

The man claimed the second shot was an "accident" and happened when he was trying to turn off a fire alarm.

Having already been in custody for 504 days since the siege Judge Terry Martin on Friday ordered the man to three years jail - he will be released on parole on May 13, 2017.


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