Show's dairy cattle exhibit strong despite dairy crisis

THE Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show has seen just a two per cent decrease in dairy cow numbers this year, despite the financial crisis effecting regional dairy farmers.

Chief Steward of the dairy section Ray Pempleton said this is a credit to his team, who have put a lot of effort into getting exhibitors who are hobby farmers rather than commercial farmers.

"The other shows in the district have had a severe drop in their numbers, the Gympie Show was down by 50 per cent on their dairy cattle exhibit," he said.

"The biggest crisis that dairy farmers are facing at the moment is the supermarkets one dollar a litre milk, and the biggest thing people can do to help our industry is to refuse to buy the one dollar a litre milk.

"Buy the brand named milk, the Pauls, the Dairy Farmers, the Maleny Milk, they are the ones who are paying the dairy farmers the appropriate amount and if people buy their milk the dairy industry will continue to survive."

SHOWING OFF: Ray Pempleton with
SHOWING OFF: Ray Pempleton with "Elly," a beautiful dairy cattle entrant into this year's show. Taya Sweeney

Ray has been involved with the Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show for 32 years and is responsible for organising judges, organising the competition, putting out the schedule and encourage exhibitors to come along.

The dairy cattle exhibit will be judged on Saturday before this year's winners are announced.