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My Life My Journey Bucket List

A bucket list to remember: Let your dreams show with website

WHAT is a bucket list? - your best dreams, your goals, your have-to-do-before-I-die-list.

The point is, this list reveals more than just your life, it's a snap-shot of that part of your heart that aims a bit bigger, wider, perhaps even shoots for the stars so you have the chance to push the boundaries of your everyday life.

Who would have thought that your stay-at-home-parents actually wish to go around the world in 80 days. How could you have known that your football loving brother one day wants to write poetry in the same place as Wordsworth. And why shouldn't you go white-water rafting after 60? These dreams are life-expanding desires, the ones that reveal more of you than your everyday life and if you share these dreams with others, you are sharing the things that make you tick, you are letting people get to know the real you.

My Bucket list, is one the ten categories including My Achievements, My Family and Friends, My Loves, My School Years, My Farewell, My Career, My Beginnings that act as reference points or even perhaps prompters to record your life story on the My Life, My Journey online platform.

In 2018, technical advances have allowed us to exchange the traditional photo album with an interactive experience. This digital album enables you to record your life's journey with words, attitude, colour and movement - and it's easy to do!

In an age where every family is likely to have  thousands of digital photos stored on cameras, computers, mobile phones and other devices, and few boxes of old printed photos and photo albums stored randomly at family homes, offers a new way of bringing people's stories together in one place.

My Life My Journey's ambassador Lesley McGrath said the site presents a great opportunity for people of any age to build their life stories, record their thoughts, ideas, milestones and collect their photos, videos and then access them anywhere in the world, at any time.

Importantly, it is a free service that creates a safe and secure online location.

Lesley said you have complete control and you can choose when, and if, you allow friends and family to contribute to or access your journey.

"It's all under your control, she said.

"It's not out there in the public domain."

To see how easy it is to record your story, go to:

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