Use your phone to tell your friends about the fun  you are having in Brisbane in March.
Use your phone to tell your friends about the fun you are having in Brisbane in March. Ridofranz

Let's show youngsters how tech savvy seniors can be

WHILE most of us of a certain age make old-fogey tut-tut noises when we see young people addicted to their phones, I believe we enjoy seeing old people on their phones.

It heartens me to see someone over the age of 80 busy with her phone, sending text messages, posting tweets, Instagraming.

Admittedly you do not see a large number of 80 year olds with their heads bent over their phones while they enjoy coffee with a fellow oldie...but when you do you give a small smile and think not of the rude table manners but "yep, that will be me when I'm 80 (not far away) and I plan it to be me when I'm 90."

The 50-plus set are pretty-much tech/phone savvy. Same goes for most people in their 60s, even 70s.

But beyond that, I'm not so sure.

While I have impeccable manners and would never tap away on my phone during coffee or lunch with friends, I do like my phone, and every day I learn more of what happiness it can bring me.

Any young person who dares to enter my space, is immediately enlisted to help me discover something new I can do with my phone.

A senior has to take advantage of a young mind whenever she can.

Learning all that technology can do is not a speedy process but I build on it constantly.

Only recently I learnt you can set your alarm on the phone.

All those wake-up calls I've requested in hotels when I could have clicked a couple of buttons and woken myself up. Who knew?

I also learnt I have a torch on my phone. I can make my way along lonely roads in the depth of night just with my phone.

It matters not that I will almost certainly never be alone on a lonely road in the dark night, I still know how to light it up.

There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, more clever things I could do with my phone.

But that is not the point.

The real issue is for seniors to keep up with technology as much as they can, as much as is possible.

Don't be scared of it.

Embrace it, and never pass up a chance to be with a young person; free lessons!

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