Set a New Year’s resolution – the right way!

New Year, new goals. Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift shares five easy tips to help make your 2016 resolution last the distance.

Whether you love or loathe New Year's resolutions, setting personal goals is a great way to help keep your mind and body feeling healthy and happy.

However, keeping a New Year's resolution can often be a challenge. Whether your goal is to quit junk food, lose a bit of weight, or try something new, it's important to get prepared. We've got five tips to help get you started. One, start small.

The key is to make sure that you set realistic and achievable goals. Unfortunately, making too many changes too quickly or becoming discouraged after initial setbacks can cause people to resume old habits.

Start by setting small goals that have lasting effects like implementing healthy dietary changes or increasing your daily physical activity, one step at a time.

Two, don't give up. If you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you decided to change and how your action will benefit your health in the short and long term. Also take the time to celebrate how far you have come. There is a real sense of accomplishment in reflecting on how far you have progressed and seeing the commitment you've made come to fruition.

Three, plan. Develop a timeline and include small achievable goals throughout the journey to help motivate you through each step. Include rewards such as a massage or time with friends when you reach each milestone. This will inspire you to not give up and offers a beneficial and healthy incentive.

Four, identify obstacles. What are some of the challenges that might arise and how will you handle them when they do? For example, if your resolution is to lose weight or cut out unhealthy foods from your diet, take the time to clean out your pantry to limit temptation. Identifying obstacles before you start and being aware of potential challenges will help you reach your goal.

Five, get a buddy. Tell a trusted friend or family member about your New Year's resolution and ask them to help keep you accountable. A word of encouragement from someone else can go a long way in ensuring you reach your goals.

Follow these five tips to help make 2016 a year to remember. From all here at CCQ, have a Happy and Healthy New Year! More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available at or call Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

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