Serena Williams gets sick on $23 hotel dog food

Tennis great Serena Williams has admitted to tasting her pet dog Chip's food.

In a series of posts to Snapchat, the winner of 21 major tennis titles says she was impressed by how good her dog's food, ordered from a hotel menu specifically for dogs, looked.

The dishes, which ranged from about  $A23 (15 euros), included a salmon and rice, in the Rome hotel.

Showing off the fancy pet food menu, Williams said it looked like something she would be happy to eat.

"It was seared tenderly and it was just perfection,'' she said.

"I just thought that looks like the best food, it's better than my food right?''

"Before you judge me look at it.

"That's the salmon and rice.''

Serena Williams posted this Snapchat of her dog's food - salmon and rice ordered from a hotel in Rome.
Serena Williams posted this Snapchat of her dog's food - salmon and rice ordered from a hotel in Rome.

"I mean come on, it looks good.

"I think it looks good.''

"I thought what the heck, I'm going to try a piece. It looks good.''

But her little experiment with just a spoonful backfired, literally.

"Let's fast forward two hours.

"I ran to the toilet and thought I was going to pass out.''

She said the pet food tasted a 'little bit like a housecleaner type of thing'.

"Chip liked it and it looked good, but I don't think it's consumable for human. They should have wrote that!,'' Williams said laughing.

The dog food bathroom fallout was not enough to produce a tennis upset, however.

 She beat compatriot Christina McHale 7-6 (9/7), 6-1 in her Rome Masters quarter-final.

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