EDITORIAL: Sense of community as vital as ever

Hello readers,

The Brisbane Lord Mayor's Australia Day awards made this an interesting month to be putting together the February edition.

The awards really are a great opportunity for friends, family, neighbours and mates to put up their hand and nominate someone who is usually simply known as a quiet achiever.

It's great to feel appreciated and these awards express that sentiment well.

Ultimately, these people and the many other people mentioned in this edition make up the fabric of what we call 'community'.

In our busy world, where ATMs rule, recorded voices answer the phone and we can check out our own groceries without a single word to the cash register operator or where family may live interstate or even overseas, face-to-face communication takes on another level of meaning.

Camaraderie, friendship, community, whatever we want to label the situations where we come together to support, work, play or chat satisfies our basic human longing for connection with others.

I also hope that this newspaper is a place where community members feel at home, where you find topics you can share with others, or are inspired to write to us with your news and views.

I trust you enjoy the read.

- Gail Forrer

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