Seniors News tests Tough Mudder

Can seniors be Tough Mudders? We take up the challenge

WHEN it comes to getting the best information for Seniors, I am prepared to put my body on the line.

And, this month, I did just that.

As Tough Mudder ramps up their national tour by taking a 17km obstacle course on the road, I offered to give one of their hurdles a bash to give our readers the first-hand knowledge they deserved.

I was all guns blazing until I had my first glimpse at the monster rig at King George Square in Brisbane - it was named the Funky Monkey. 

Everything about it seemed much higher, scarier and I started to feel a whole lot heavier; I doubted I would be able to hold my own body weight with one arm.

But dedicated to our readers, I climbed the scaffolding in wet conditions.

After a few tips from an expert I took a big gulp and started to swing through the air.

I actually surprised myself that I didn't fall off on the first rung, and when I was half way across the monkey bars I thought to myself 'hey! Maybe I can do this!'.

I completed the upward bars and then prepared myself to grab a wheel that would spin me across to the next hand grip.

I had the crowds support.

This was my moment.

I was hesitant, but hey, I made it this far so maybe I had it in me? 

Then reality hit.

When the wheel started to spin I let out a squeal that would rival that Czech downhill-speed skier who won gold at this year's Winter Olympics. 

I landed on the mat with a thud, had a laugh, and became determined to give it another shot.

Apparently, that's what Tough Mudder is all about.

No one expects you to smash every obstacle but when you are prepared to have a go you give yourself the chance of surprising yourself.

Overall, from my small taste of the course, I would encourage anyone to give it a crack.

And the best thing I learned? 

There are passing lanes if you opt to skip an obstacle. Fantastic!

While I am dedicated to the Seniors cause… getting electrocuted during Tough Mudder's 'shock therapy', well, that seems like a different sort of dedication.


South East Queensland - May 19-20

Melbourne - October 20,21

Sydney - 17 - 18

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