Dear Older Generations: The video dividing the internet

Dear 'Millennials': Take a reality check!

HELLO 'Millennials'.

Yes, here I am, a 60-year-old mother, grandmother, journalist, editor, and traveller and by simply being a human being of a certain age, it seems, I am one of the people you have referred to as being responsible for wars, waste and the wicked world we inhabit today.

But one thing, after checking out your video, is that, sadly, things are not going to change. That is, human beings, generation after generation, regardless of leaps in wealth, education and technology include a certain number of people who wallow in self-aggrandisement, blame and a desire for cheap fame.

Inevitably, no matter what the subject, it comes back to an older generation denigrating a younger generation, and in your case the younger generation denigrating an older generation.

While, today we talk about thought leaders and big ideas, you have headed in the opposite direction. Your ideas do not lead and are very small. In fact they are stereotypical.

You are saying you are different, you are smarter, you have a better understanding of freedom, a deeper appreciation of planet earth, you are more mindful of the joys this world offers and being endowed with such sensitivity you are more able to live a more profoundly meaningful life than any other generation before you.

Good on you. Travel opens the mind; it empowers you with a supreme sense of the world's majesty.

But, enough of these colourful words. In fact: Settle Gretel, Get a Grip, or perhaps, take a REALITY CHECK!

These are the facts: NOTHING IS BLACK AND WHITE! Rarely is something totally good or totally bad,  not for you or previous generations. Blame is absolutely useless and one day you many need the people you are blaming.

If you are enjoying something, enjoy it completely for what it is, and don't waste time on the unworthy pursuit of linking associations, connotations or irrelevant data to your activity. Do it fully.

But, that's about it, good luck, must go, I'm off to a travel on a tour of India!

PS: May you walk the road less travelled, rather than very common one you are following.

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