A traveller's dream in Avignon, France

Aussie senior travellers the new world explorers

THE beaches of Bali are packed. But they're not there.

Tourists swarm the Great Wall of China. But they're not there either.

Look off the beaten track, cruising the local markets, dining at the street food stalls - that's where you'll find them. Australian seniors - the new explorers of the travel industry.

"The majority (of seniors) don't want a 'flop-and-drop', where they fly into, say Bali, and sit on the beach for a week," Seniors Holiday Travel Team CEO and managing director Perry Morcombe told Seniors News.

"They are aware of a place, let's say it's history, culture.

"And now they want to go and see Europe, they want to go and see Asia, get in and experience it and enjoy it.

"They want to have authentic meals with the locals … not what they get from the local Chinese down the road back home."

Backed by 20 years of experience, Morcombe, who founded his business packaging train trips to North Queensland, said older Australians travel tendencies had changed over the course of his career.

Morecombe said one of his company's packages, a popular deal that combined China's silk road with cruising in Russia, highlighted how seniors are itching to discover and experience authentic destinations.

"People would have done the main capital city stuff or seen the pandas say five or 10 years ago," Morcombe said.

"But now they want to go and see more exotic locations."

However, Morcombe said some things remained the same amongst older travellers with group packages, offering cost, comfort and security, remaining as the preferred way to holiday.

"Travelling can sometimes be hard work," Morcombe said.

"And (seniors) find it's easier to travel in a group especially when a host, like we send with our groups, goes over for the entire trip."

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