Arnold Schwarzenegger makes US President Donald Trump as offer he definitely can refuse.
Arnold Schwarzenegger makes US President Donald Trump as offer he definitely can refuse. PAUL MILLER / AAP

Schwarzenegger V Trump: "How about we swap jobs?"

IT'S one thing to take on the Prime Minister of Australia, quite another to mess with the Terminator of Austria.

But where lesser men fear to tread, US President Donald Trump is right in there, both barrels blazing and this time aimed at Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Not that Arnie's taking it lying down.


The former Apprentice host turned leader of the free world laid into his replacement on the reality show berating the film star turned former Governor of California for letting the ratings slip.

And what forum did Trump decide would be appropriate to discuss the audience size of reality TV shows? A room full of foreign dignitaries and people of the cloth at The National Prayer Breakfast, of course.

At Thursday's event, a lavish annual affair held in Washington D.C. attended by presidents, movers and shakers united by their religion, Trump said the success of The Apprentice was "a testament to the power of faith".

Trump fired himself from the show in 2015 as he geared up for his presidential run. He was replaced at the board table by Arnie.

"We know how that turned out," Trump said. "The ratings went right down the tubes. It has been a disaster," CNN reported.

Turning to the audience, he commented, "I want to just pray for Arnold ... for those ratings."

It may have been a bit of revelry on Trump's part but it is in stark contrast to the usually more dour tone taken by past presidents at the event.

It's not the first time The Donald has taken aim at the Governator. Just last month he said Schwarzenegger's ratings, on what is now called The New Celebrity Apprentice, had been "swamped" by his own on the show.

While ratings of The Apprentice haven slumped since the first episode was aired in 2003, Schwarzenegger's audience is only slightly down on the last season fronted by Trump.

However, Arnie hasn't hit back at Trump's slur.

In a video uploaded to Twitter on Friday he had a suggestion for Trump.

"Hey Donald. I have a great idea. Why don't we switch jobs? You take over TV, cos you're such an expert in ratings. And I take over your job, so that people can finally sleep comfortably again."

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