Saucy Sydney cops set the bar in return of My Kitchen Rules

Police officers Monique and Sarah pictured during their instant restaurant on My Kitchen Rules.
Police officers Monique and Sarah pictured during their instant restaurant on My Kitchen Rules. Channel 7

REALITY cooking juggernaut My Kitchen Rules is back and the heroes, villains and jokers are already emerging.

Tonight's season seven premiere saw Mount Druitt cops Monique and Sarah battle nerves and the intoxicating charms of judge Manu Feildel to earn a respectable score for their "Crime and Nourishment" instant restaurant.

The law women didn't beat around the bush with their instant restaurant theme, decking out the room in a red and blue police theme.

After tweeting about the premiere of The X-Files last night, the Queensland Police Media Unit weighed in on MKR.

Tonight's episode introduced the first six teams competing this year and the archetypes were quickly established.

Cashed-up lawyers Gianni and Zana are the unlikeable team, while mother and son Anna and Jordan and sustainable food siblings Mitch and Laura fall into the lovable category.

Self-proclaimed cougar Cheryl and her "cub" Matt are the big personalities of the table, while best mates Rosie and Paige are the ones who say what you're probably thinking at home on the couch.

Monique and Sarah started the evening with a tart loaded with vegetables but lacking enough cheese.

"First night jitters might have got to you in the kitchen," judge Pete Evans said.

"The goat's cheese, as far as the dish goes, it was lost."

After saying she'd rather save the calories than eat the imperfect tart, Zana established her snob status and only solidified it by turning her nose up at the final two courses.

A generous serving of crispy skinned salmon was let down by an underwhelming serving of chips.

The cops' dessert looked a treat but was a bit too sweet for the judges.

"I never thought I would say this on My Kitchen Rules but there's too much sauce," Feildel said.

"It's a little too sweet, but that's my only criticism."

Melbourne brother and sister Mitch and Laura will host their instant restaurant tomorrow night.


Monique and Sarah's menu

Entrée: Caramelised onion, roasted beetroot and goat's cheese tart

Main: Crispy skinned salmon with thrice cooked chips and lemon and dill sauce

Dessert: Sticky fig and date pudding with white chocolate and coconut rum sauce

Score: 68

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