Pauline Hanson says Dastyari is a "pipsqueak"

Dastyari using racist attack to 'sell book' says Hanson

ONE Nation supremo Pauline Hanson says she has no sympathy for Labor Senator Sam Dastyari after he was subjected to a shocking racist attack in which he was called a "terrorist" and "little monkey".

Instead, the firebrand politician claimed the Senator was using the attack as a "publicity stunt to sell his book" and should "stand up for himself".

"What a joke, he's nothing but a pip-squeak," Senator Hanson told the media. "I don't see anything in this. I really don't.

"I think he's a smart arse, he has no respect for people and he plays up to his position."

Senator Dastyari was bailed up at a Melbourne bar on Wednesday night by a group calling themselves working class patriots and subjected to a barrage of racist taunts which included being told to "go back to Iran".

Both Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and opposition leader Bill Shorten immediately condemned the attack.

However, Senator Hanson refused to denounce the group, claiming the attack had nothing to with racism but more that voters had little "respect" for Senator Dastyari.

"It's got nothing to do with him being a Muslim," she said.

"And he's admitted to being a non-practicing Muslim. So he's played up this whole thing.

"You've got to earn the respect from the public.

"Do people have respect for Sam Dastyari? I don't think they do.

"I just think he's just using this to get publicity to sell his book."

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