'Sad lives': Mum who lost 30kg slams body-shaming bullies

A CALLIOPE mum is hitting back at body-shaming "bullies" who drove past her, hurling abuse, during her first bike ride in ten years.

Casey Black was riding home from a boot camp session in Calliope when a car filled with four men yelled "keep riding your fat arse up the hill".

Casey Black is still enjoying riding her bike.
Casey Black is still enjoying riding her bike. Mike Richards GLA110217BIKE

At first, she was "taken aback", then angry and embarrassed.

Her husband Trevor drove past shortly after and she waved him down so she didn't have to ride home.

"It's very discouraging when you're trying to do the right thing and better yourself," she said.

"My initial thought was just you a**holes."

With a daughter in high school and a son in his final year at primary school she tries to set a good example to lead a healthy lifestyle.



"Girls already worry too much about what other people say and I don't want to be like that, but it does get to you."

Two years ago, feeling "severely overweight", Mrs Black changed her lifestyle including what she ate and boosted her exercise regime.

Now 30kg lighter, she's only seven kilograms away from her goal weight.

But after her shock body shaming experience she says she's been put off riding during the day.


Casey Black is still enjoying riding her bike.
Casey Black is still enjoying riding her bike. Mike Richards GLA110217BIKE

"I bought that bike about a month ago and it took a bit of courage to start using it."

"(Those men) should know better.

"If they think belittling other people is a way to make themselves feel better, they must lead very sad lives.

"If someone called out to their mother or sister, how would they feel."

Mrs Black also shared her experience on Facebook page, Calliope Open Discussion, calling out the "immature behaviour".

"Yes I might not be the prettiest or skinniest girl you have seen exercise and to note that I haven't ridden a push bike in 10 years," she wrote.

"It takes a lot to put yourself out there, however I'm not sitting on the couch, I'm out there trying my best to get fit and healthy for myself and my family.

"Just so you know I had been at work all day came home to my family, played with my kids, cooked dinner for the family and my neighbour and rode my second hand bike to a Bootcamp to work out and ride my fat ass up that bloody hill."

What followed was comments from friends and strangers, encouraging Mrs Black to keep at it.

And Mrs Black had a piece of advice for other mums who might be struggling to kick start their exercise journey: "Just start small and find that time for yourself, and don't feel guilty about it".

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