The woman probably won't be visiting Australia again anytime soon. Picture: Scottish SPCA
The woman probably won't be visiting Australia again anytime soon. Picture: Scottish SPCA

RUSH HOUR: Instant karma for idiot driver

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Instant karma for idiot driver

An Aussie driver chose the worst possible time to try and pull off an idiotic stunt, having no idea they were being watched by police the whole time.

Dashcam footage shows a white Ford Falcon pulling up to a set of red lights, with the video appearing to be filmed somewhere in Queensland.

The driver decides to show off a bit and starts to do a burnout for a few seconds before speeding off through the red light.

As they speed through the intersection they just miss smashing into another car.

But the driver couldn't have picked a worse time to try out the stupid stunt, unaware there was a cop car sitting just metres away.

Footage shows the police chasing after the offending Ford in a sweet moment of karma.



Snowy Hydro expansion officially approved

A massive expansion of the Snowy Hydro scheme has been officially approved in a bid to force energy prices down and make power more reliable.

Early works on the pumped hydro-electricity project can now begin, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday visiting Tumut in southern NSW to announce the approval.

"Snowy 2.0 will inject the energy supply and reliability our electricity market needs, helping cut costs to families and businesses and cut Australia's emissions," Mr Morrison said.

Pumped hydro works by using cheap electricity - usually at night - to pump water back up a hill and into the dam, where it is stored until energy demands start to peak during the day.

"Snowy has unrivalled capacity to store power when it is not needed, and generate it when it is needed," Energy Minister Angus Taylor said.

Snowy Hydro's board approved the final investment on December 12, and the government is satisfied the project stacks up. Taxpayers will chip in $1.38 billion, with Snowy Hydro to fund the rest.

When completed, the new project will increase generation capacity by 2000 megawatts and provide 175 hours of energy storage - enough to power 500,000 homes during peak times.

It will create up to 2400 jobs in construction and support up to 5000 direct and indirect jobs across the Snowy Mountains region.


Expansion of Snowy Hydro scheme approved. Picture: Snowy Hydro Limited
Expansion of Snowy Hydro scheme approved. Picture: Snowy Hydro Limited



Terrifying find in luggage

An Australian snake is a long way from home after hitching a ride in a woman's bag on her flight home to Scotland.

Moira Boxall discovered the spotted python coiled inside one of her shoes as she was unpacking her suitcase once she had returned home from her trip to Queensland.

"She actually thought that (her daughter Sarah) and (son-in-law Paul Airlie) had put a fake snake in her shoe to wind her up, so at first she thought it was a joke until she touched it and it moved," Airlie told the ABC.

Boxall was apparently not pleased by the stowaway - which has shed its skin inside her shoe - and called her daughter and son-in-law in Australia, after she had placed the slip-on out in the garden with a box over it.

"She called us here in Australia and we phoned the Scottish RSPCA and told them that there was a snake in the house," Airlie said.

According to Airlie, the snake had probably coiled into the woman's shoe while she was packing her belongings in Queensland.

RSPCA reportedly went out to Boxall's residence to fetch the snake, which was identified as a non-venomous spotted python.

The snake is currently being quarantined in Scotland and reportedly may soon be housed in a Glasgow Zoo.

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The woman probably won't be visiting Australia again anytime soon. Picture: Scottish SPCA
The woman probably won't be visiting Australia again anytime soon. Picture: Scottish SPCA



Man charged over death after fight

A man has been charged after a 64-year-old man died following an altercation in NSW's Central West.

Police found the victim unconscious at a unit block in Kelso, Bathurst at about 5pm on Monday.

He was taken to hospital but later died.

A 35-year-old man was arrested at the scene and has been charged with manslaughter.

He is set to appear in Bathurst Local Court today after being refused bail.



Search to resume at NSW rock pools

A search is set to resume this morning for the man who went missing after being swept off the famous Figure Eight Pools in the Royal National Park south of Sydney.

Emergency crews were called to the pools at around 2pm yesterday after two men, one 22 and another in his 20s, were swept off the rocks into the ocean.

The younger man was able to climb to safety but the 22-year-old didn't resurface.

The other man was treated for minor lacerations at the scene while a search got underway for the missing man.

At the time of the incident, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service wave risk at the pools was listed as "extreme". Under these conditions, NPWS urges people not to visit the pools.

NSW Police say three other people who were with the pair on the rocks at the time weren't injured.

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