KANGAROO CARNAGE: A dead kangaroo left by the side of the road.
KANGAROO CARNAGE: A dead kangaroo left by the side of the road. Klaus Hollitzer

Roos left to die a painful death on Fraser Coast roads

FRASER Coast wildlife carer Natalie Richardson has seen far too much kangaroo carnage on our roads.

That's why she is speaking out in an effort to end the suffering of kangaroos that are hit by cars.

From May 13 to May 23, Wildlife Rescue Fraser Coast assisted with 14 kangaroos or wallabies and all but one were road victims, Ms Richardson said.

She urged anyone who hit a kangaroo or wallaby to stop and check to see if the animal was dead if it was safe for them to do so.

"If they are unable to stop themselves, please call to report it so someone else can check," she said.

"Being hit by a vehicle does not always result in instant death."

Ms Richardson urged people to check for a joey if the animal was dead.

"If the animal is not dead, then contact someone to deal with it."

Ms Richardson said if it is was a specie the person could catch and bring to a carer, that would make sure the animal would get treatment faster, but if it wasn't possible making a phone to a wildlife carer or hotline was the best thing to do.

Ms Richardson has seen kangaroos suffer horrific injuries after being hit by a car, including smashed legs, bones protruding, missing limbs, broken jaws, broken spines and pelvises and internal injuries.

The animals were alive and in terrible pain.

Ms Richardson said animal with horrific injuries could sometimes survive for hours, days or even weeks.

"A slow, painful end which at times can be avoided, simply by stopping and or making a phone call," she said.

The fate for joeys left behind after a crash can also be cruel and unkind.

Ms Richardson said cold, starvation, being eaten alive by ants or birds, overheating in the sun - any of those could claim the life of a joey left in its mother's pouch.

If you see an injured roo phone Fraser Coast Wildlife Rescue on 4121 3146.

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