Congestion, rates increases concern Gold Coast seniors

IN TOUCH: Gold Coast retirees (from left) Graham Pill, Rob Grover and Lance Tannock air their views about the upcoming council election.
IN TOUCH: Gold Coast retirees (from left) Graham Pill, Rob Grover and Lance Tannock air their views about the upcoming council election.

A PROPOSED cruise terminal, congested roads and reasonable rates increases are some of the issues concerning Gold Coast seniors in the lead-up to local government elections.

Graham Pill, of Surfers Paradise, would like to see less procrastination and more leadership from elected councillors.

In his view, councillors spend too much time listening to public opinion and not enough time making decisions on pressing issues like the cruise terminal and traffic congestion.

Graham says traffic jams have worsened in his 15 years on the coast

"When I came to the Gold Coast, the thing I had to adapt to was heaps of the roads were dead-ends or one-way," he said.

"I could see frequent problems with traffic flow, and hear sirens from police and ambulance vehicles.

"Council members were unwilling or unable to hire a consultant who was able to analyse the problem and then find a solution.

"Eventually, the current light rail system was proposed, and has now demonstrated its worth.

"It's a wonderful benefit. I use the car less because of it. I'd be wanting the council to get the funding to extend the light rail."

Graham said council needed to "take control" of planning away from developers who were building more high-rises in the most densely populated part of the coast.

"The traffic problem has considerably increased and the increase in the high-rise building population has not been matched with increased private parking space," he said.

"Car owners are now placed with no alternative but to park on public roads, and make corridors for moving traffic more narrow."

As for the proposed cruise ship terminal, Graham is in favour.

"We're plugging the Gold Coast as the leisure capital of Australia and we haven't got a cruise ship terminal," he said.

Lance Tannock, of Clear Island Waters, is against the terminal.

He's spent 14 years on the Gold Coast and is a regular passenger on cruise ships, having completed his 24th trip.

"I don't think the Broadwater is conducive to cruise ships," Lance said.

"Here we are wanting to give one of the most environmentally sensitive parts of the coast away.

"Public open space is at a premium on the coast - we need more and more of it," Mr Tannock said.

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