WATERCOOLER: Pacific Hwy speed limit could go up to 120km/h

SPEED limits on sections of the Pacific Highway could be increased from 110km/h to 120km/h in dry conditions, NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay has flagged.

Fairfax has reported Mr Gay saying existing system of speed limits in NSW on the Pacfic and Bruce highways did not reflect current automotive standards and could be higher in some areas under some conditions.

The Pacific Highway currently has a 110km/h speed limit along the upgraded section between Tyagarah and the Queensland border with the upgraded stretch to extend south of Ballina once the new Ewingsdale to Tintenbar section comes online towards the end of the year.

Should upgraded sections of the Pacific Highway have their speed limit increased to 120km/h

This poll ended on 09 September 2015.

Current Results

Awesome idea! Do it!


Why stop there? Why not just remove the speed limits altogether and let motorists decide what's safe?


Are you nuts? No! This is a terrible idea!


If speed limits are to change at all, they should be going down.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"We're OK at 110km/h but when you've got crossroads coming in on most of those roads ... that's a problem," Mr Gay was quoted saying by Sydney Morning Herald motoring writer Sam Charlwood..

"The best way I can look at raising the speed limits in place is to put a proper road in to allow that happen ... I'm awaiting the results of those costings shortly."

The section of upgraded highway between Tyagerah and Ewingsdale includes crossroads at Tyagerah Road, Grays Lane, Kennedys Lane/Woodford Lane as well as some driveway access points.

However, the new Tintenbar to Ewingsdale section and Ballina Bypass have both been designed without crossroads.

What do you think about this? Should the speed limit on other Australian highways be increased from 110km/h?

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What you're saying on Facebook:

Kyle Hnatkiwskyj: "Lets work on getting Queensland roads up to scratch befor we worry about the speed limit."

Pie Man Houghton: "Any dual carriage highway should be at least 120 km/hr! But the single lane goat tracks should probably stay @100 km/h."

Victor Elias: "And is the fixed speed cameras going to adjust to the conditions?"

Mikey Seelhofer: "Yes....increase the limit, but also increase the driver's capacity to learn how to drive properly!! Plus....fix our crappy roads too! We could definitely learn from most of the European countries on their highway and freeway systems......"

Howard Cole: "It is a well known fact that qld roads are shockers put that together with the fact that aajority of road users either don't know or care about road rules as is evidenced by everyday observations in driving & it is a recipe for DISASTER. Rant over leave things as they are!"

Tonianne O'Brien: "No! There's no need for speed!"

Kye Ferszt: "How about less speed cameras? Swear I counted 14 on the way down to goldy? And 15 on the way back? Not to mention the unmarked speed cameras."

Vicki Kaparic: "Realistically if you don't think it is safe driving at 120km then either you're not overly confident behind the wheel and probs shouldn't have a license or your car is clearly not safe enough to be on the road."

Shane Collins: "The Pacific highway is about 80% freeway ... The Bruce highway is about 10%...the road will need to be improved to accommodate a higher speed limit."

Nigel Schneider: "Of course, if you don't have the capability to operate a vehicle at 120kmh on the open highway you shouldn't have a licence."

Jennifer Taylor: "The Bruce Highway is a goat track so definitely no increase in speed is needed."

Michele McLeod: "Yes if all highways are like going into Brisbane that's the only highway that gets all the decent work done to it 4 lanes from far north to far south come on government this road needs doing NOW like you have been talking about the highway for over 50 years time now to do."

Nat Chamberlain: "Drivers don't stick to the speed limit now why would you think an increase would keep them at that
This is a stupid idea I do not support an increase in the speed limit."

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