REVEALED: Here is your final list of council candidates

The council election campaigns are now in full swing.
The council election campaigns are now in full swing.

HERE'S your final list of candidates for the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Council elections.

Without further ado, here are your 2016 council candidates.

Click on each candidate's name to view their profile.


Sunshine Coast:

Mayor: Mark Jamieson, Ron Green, Tony Gibson, Alison Barry-Jones

Division 1: Peter Robinson, David Ritson, Rick Baberowski, Rod Jones

Division 2: Tim Dwyer, Matthew McIntyre

Division 3: Andrew Champion, Steve Barclay, Peter Cox, David Wilson, Fiona Anderson

Division 4: John Connolly, Geoff Peters, Myles Blackwell, John Hutchinson, Charles Hodgson, Tyrone D'Lisle, Peter Campbell-Kerr

Division 5: Jenny McKay, Angela Green, Yvonne Dalziel, Susan Etheridge

Division 6: Elaine Hughes, Mike Doroshenko, Christian Dickson

Division 7: Mike Deans, Cam Young, Ted Hungerford, Daniel Bryar

Division 8: Adriana Adamska-Bland, Jason O'Pray

Division 9: Steve Robinson, Scott Larsen, Angela Wilson

Division 10: Lenore Pople, Mike Strano, Sue Pele, Greg Rogerson, Michelle Blythe



Mayor: Sandy Bolton, Ray Kelly, Tony Wellington

Councillors: Steven Boyd, Ken Coleman, Mark Denham, Jess Glasgow, Ingrid Jackson, Joe Jurisevic, Patrick Lloyd, Frank Pardon, Mark Rodriquez, Brian Stockwell, Aaron White, Elaine Williams, Frank Wilkie

Want to learn more about the upcoming election?

The Daily is running a string of election forums to ensure you, the voters, are as informed as possible before hitting the polling booths on March 19.

To find out more about the forums, click here.

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