Gold coin a day for power? Retiree proves it can be done

ARE you sick and tired of becoming enraged when you receive your latest power bill?

Then Canberra retiree Eric Pulford may just become your new hero!

Mr Pulford has switched to a new home energy system that looks to cut about 60 per cent off his annual energy bills for just a gold coin a day.

Mr Pulford said he regards the "gold plated" system as a sound investment.

"We have just decided to spend our retirement this way instead of a caravan or a four-wheel-drive, because we hope to live in this place for another 10 to 20 years," he told ABC News.

"We want to make it as comfortable and as sustainable as possible.

"It will pay off itself and we hope to live long enough to enjoy it."

The system, a small control box connected to solar panels and battery, predicts home energy consumptions and when power prices peak, sells excess energy back to the grid, lowering the household bill.

However, Mr Pulford's may soon be joined by thousands of other Australians.

System installation company Reposit Power said they have connected about 1,000 homes across the country.

And hope, based on current trends, to have it installed in 5,000 homes by 2020.

The original story appeared as Canberrans embrace new cutting edge solar system in hopes of slashing energy bills

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