Aged care residents isolated with flu symptoms

AN AGED care facility in Burleigh Heads is in the midst of a possible health scare with several residents isolated after showing "flu-like symptoms".

Ozanam Villa, which is run by Ozcare, has confirmed up to six residents have been confined to their rooms as part of quarantine measures.

However, Ozcare are adamant none of the affected residents have yet tested positive for influenza.

"The residents have been isolated as directed by the public health unit," a spokeswoman said.

"And we have restricted access to stop the potential spreading of any potential disease."

Seniors News became aware of the potential flu outbreak after being contacted by the daughter of an elderly resident at the facility.

The daughter, who wished to remain anonymous, said she visited her parent on Monday and noticed about 10 residents isolated in their rooms due to a "suspected" flu outbreak.

She claimed there were infection control trolleys outside each of the affected rooms and a sign on each door.

"As far as I can gather they were showing symptoms of respiratory illness," she said.

The daughter said she was worried for the safety of her parent as she believed it was "only a matter of time" before they also became an infected.

The news closely follows the tragic death of eight residents from an influenza outbreak at a nursing home in Victoria.

The St John's Retirement Village in Wangaratta was in crisis mode last week after several victims, aged between 70 and 94, died following the outbreak.

However, the death toll climbed today when it was confirmed an eighth person had succumbed to the illness. 

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