RELEASED: Latest King Arthur movie pegged to be different

THE legend of King Arthur is a mythical story told for generations and has been re-made time and time again yet the story never gets old, the recent series of Merlin proves that.

Guy Ritchie is the latest to direct the tale of the chosen one in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the released tailer has induced quite the polarising reaction.

While some viewers started getting excited for a blast of a movie, it's not surprising that others would be suspicisou of the modern spin that has been put on the classic story.

There's a few historical inaccuracies that have some frowning, including an elephant in medieval England and a fireball-wielding king.

Considering the list of adaptations of King Arthur's tale is already quite long, how does Ritchie hope to make the story fresh enough for a compelling movie?

It seems like his interpretation of Arthur's character attempts to be the answer to a problem that's plagued protagonists since Hollywood's creation: The blandness of the good-guy hero, from King Arthur to Superman.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ritchie explained his take on the character:

"I think where the pitfall has often been is trying to make King Arthur bland and nice, and nice and bland. Our King Arthur is not a good guy from the beginning."

And the actor playing Arthur, Charlie Hunnam, chimed in:

"If somebody is walking around with noble aspirations and just looking for a vehicle to show how f-king noble they are and then they find out that they're king of England, oh wonderful! We're off to the races. But it's all a bit boring and Arthur looks like a bit of a c-t."

But the big question is: Does this bad guy hero character guarantee Ritchie for success?

A flock of  recent releases has seen dark and dritty shine through Hollywood with the likes of Deadpool and even Captain America has lost a bit of his good-guy persona (who would have seen that one coming?).

Time will tell as to whether King Arthur can overcome its slightly confusing feeling: At times it's like a video game, or a music video and it's not entirely clear how the "guy from the streets" theme will fit in with the mystical fantasy.

As Elise Jost puts it via MoviePilot: It is a gritty movie about one character's journey, or a grandiose tale full of magical fireballs and unlikely creatures, or both? 

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