No more regrets: Grandfather proposes to terminally ill wife

HAVE you ever had that one regret you wish you could turn back time to make amends?

Greg Madson did. But instead of wishing to right his wrong, he went out and made it happen.

The American grandfather never liked the way he proposed to his wife, and after 37 years of marriage, decided to have another crack at it, knowing full well that there would be no third chance.

Greg's wife, Sherri, has terminal liver cancer and may "only have a couple good months left".

So with the help of the couple's children and grandchildren, Greg, in one of the year's most touching videos, again got down on one knee and asked the woman he loved to marry him.

And through the tears and emotion of the moment, she again said that one word that would forever change his life - albeit with a tinge of sarcasm this time around.

"She said 'yes, you big idiot!'" Greg told the onlookers.