Redeem seniors discount to Happier Relationship seminar

What's the best indicator of longevity?

A healthy heart? No. Low cholesterol? Nope. Regular exercise? Not that either.

According to a Harvard study conducted over 80 years the key to a long life is good relationships, and this is what Toni Powell will be teaching in her upcoming Have Happier Relationships Workshop.

Toni cites the Harvard study saying: "It's not our cholesterol levels at age 50 that predict how well we age or how long we live - it's the quality of our relationships".

She says we age better if we have close relationships. "The ones that help health are ones that feel safe to you, have a deeper and quality. When you feel you have someone in your corner it's health giving.

"Relationships protect against Alzheimer's, heart disease, brain function, and add to overall health.

"People need to make relationships a priority in their lives. Science bears it out - that's what makes a good life."

Look after your relationships, and you're looking after your cholesterol.

Toni's message is: "spend time investing in relationships, or you'll be poorer for it on almost every level."

So how do you we do this?

"Acknowledge and communicate. We tend to pick on what others didn't do - kids, hubby - how they let us down. We overlook the good stuff.

"People feel that. Be conscious to improve relationships by investing in them. Invest attention, be kind."

Unfortunately Toni says there are skills that are not taught.

"We live under the delusion we should know how to do relationships.

"Studies observing relationships show that in marriages that are happy, people employ skills. It doesn't just happen.

"Relationships are the thing we do the most and they make life worth living. Yet we hardly ever study or learn skills to make our relationships great."

Toni calls herself a story teller and communicator, a student of life. At 19 she married a man she didn't love and ever since, she's been researching how to make relationships work.

 Thirty-eight years later she's very happily married to the same man and is now sharing the unexpected treasures and fascinating science of what builds great relationships.


The ticket price is $249 general with an Early bird on now for $149.

We'd like to offer Senior News reader a $95 price and the codes/links are below

Have Happier Relationships Workshop


Saturday Aug 20th, 9 am to 4.30 pm, Buderim 

CODE: SeniorsNews



Saturday Aug 27, 9am to 4.30pm, Ashgrove

CODE: SeniorsNews


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