WATERCOOLER: Reckless drivers use street as ‘raceway’

IT'S 4.15pm on a Friday afternoon and the raceway on Albert St has begun and will continue for an hour.

Rockhapton police need to come here on a Friday afternoon and see for themselves the appalling, out-of-control attitude of some drivers in the right-hand lane who just plain refuse to let those legally ahead of them in the left lane, merge in front of them.

Horns are a constant.

These drivers are adamant that no one is going to get between them and the car in front.

Some very bad attitudes here. The problem is that they're initially waiting at the traffic lights on the highway and once they turn green, they are off and racing like someone's fired a gun. Flooring it.

The first one sets the pace and the rest follow.

Stuff the 50 sign.

You can see the two front cars battling it out for first place because the one on the right is trying to stop the one on the left from getting ahead, and it follows all the way down the line.

What should be done with hoons?

This poll ended on 12 January 2016.

Current Results

Impound their car indefinitely


Disqualify them from driving indefinitely


Fine them


Give them somewhere to race legally




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Can the council please help out here and stencil a large 50 in both lanes southbound, because these vehicles are travelling at well over the limit, and also the same at the top of Albert after turning from Canning St, because most drivers just don't see the sign posted 50 on the kerb.

The police should also try coming out around 3pm to 4pm on a weekend.

Sundays are a specialty.

They'll find vehicles which have just come through the lights racing each other nose-to-tail, where close to 80 I'd say is the norm.

Two regulars were doing this for about two months.

Impossible to get rego numbers. They were flying.

Really like to see some positive action here because, at the moment, it's moronic.

T. Robertson
The Range

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What you're saying on Facebook:

Catherine Forbes: "Idiots take over the roundabouts on Ocean Drive, Twin Waters every single time it rains. We've had cars and motorbikes loose control and crash. It's only a matter of time before we'll be pulling a body out."

Bryce LG: "We need to set an example and publicly crucify them on a cross. There is no other alternative. Ban them."

Joe Brooker 'SphinX': "Complaining about people trying to merge, FYI if you're trying to merge you have to give way, it doesn't matter if you're in front of them or not."

Mark Cariss: "Bad ... They think our street is a personal race track... I'm just waiting for one to lose control around the bend..."

Nigel Schneider: "I don't think people not giving way has much to do with hooning."

Matty Isaacs: "So give them somewhere to do it legally..."

Tom Bloore: "Pretty easy I reckon. If done once heavy fine if done again within 12 months heavy fine and loss of license if done again car confiscated and sold and a heavy fine. This to apply even if they are not in their own car."

Sandys Leigh HeilbronnFarrar: "Over the idiots in our area driving up and down the street like it's drag strip..."

Kyla Clough: "Outside my house people like to hoon and spin tyres at the lights the house then gets filled with smoke, one idiot drove into a pole outside my house years ago."

Annie Clarke: "Take their cars from tgem for a month, give them a fine and take points from their licence.... Would like to see speed bumps in our school zone and near our lights on the service road."

Beverley Darby: "Take points off licence maybe they might think twice doing it again." 

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