RECIPE: Cacao and almond truffles with coconut yogurt



250 g (8 oz) skin-on almonds

250 g (8 oz) medjool dates, pitted

1 dessertspoon raw cacao powder

2 dessertspoons coconut palm syrup


Using a food processor, thoroughly blend all the ingredients to a sticky

but course texture. If the mixture is too dry you can either add a couple

more dates or another dessertspoon of coconut syrup. Once the desired

consistency has been obtained, stop the processor making sure to clear

the sides.

To roll into truffles, simply take a teaspoon of the mixture and, using your

clean hand, roll into a ball. Place in a mini paper pastry cases ready for

the strawberry coulis.

Ingredients for the coconut yogurt and strawberry coulis:

This recipe can be made either with fresh coconut flesh and water, or a

good quality organic coconut cream. Prepare the equivalent of 700 ml (24

fl oz) of coconut cream.

In this case I have used:

700 ml (24 fl oz) coconut cream

6 capsules of dairy free probiotic

500 g (16 oz) hulled strawberries

Method for the coconut yogurt and strawberry coulis:

Empty the coconut cream into one large clean glass jar.

Stir in the powder from probiotic capsules (twist the ends of the capsules

to open) thoroughly whisking the powder through the coconut cream.

Set aside in a warm space with the top covered with muslin cloth for 3-4

days until the mixture takes on a yogurt consistency and taste.

Once you see the cream start to thicken, pop the jar into the fridge for a

few hours and it will firm up even more, taking on a yogurt like

consistency. This will keep in the fridge for up to a week.

Pulse the strawberries in a small blender to create your coulis. Serve

individual portions of yogurt and a teaspoon or two of strawberry coulis

over the top of the cacao and almond balls.

Add to a morning fruit salad, smoothies or mixed with your favourite   

- Scott Mathias 

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