Our reader is pleading with the government to show compassion.
Our reader is pleading with the government to show compassion.

Reader’s plea to stop the planned pension cuts

I AM a real person, an average ordinary person.

The purpose of my writing this is to make the government aware of my generation of people who are going to be impacted by the new reduced pension brought about by the asset test change effective from January 1, 2017.

I am pleading with the government to show compassion, to not reduce the pension.

To instead scrap the plan to reduce the pension, to create jobs for seniors, and to help seniors invest their money so that they will be less financially dependent on the social security system.

We are offspring of people who have been through the world wars and Depression. They had nothing and we had nothing.

We never had it easy. Life was a struggle. Our options were to get on with it or to commit suicide.

Myself, I slept on a hard surface, on cold concrete floor, had no breakfast, no lunch and no dinner. My mother cursed me when I ate an egg. At 14 I had to seek employment in a bar. I had no skill.

I had dementia when I was a child from having no nutrients. I nearly died in my 40s from the effect of having no nutrients.

Please give us work and reconsider the strategies. Please stop cutting funding, jobs and services. Please don't make our ending as miserable as our beginning.

Please teach us how to invest our meagre saving so we have a small income and can be less financially dependent. Please give us work.

I have tried my best to be financially independent. It is not my fault that in this country the previous governments did not help and did not teach the working class to save or invest for the future.

Reducing the pension will have two effects. People will spend all they've got in order to qualify for a higher pension payment, or they will not spend at all.

If the majority of the baby boomers stop spending, business will collapse. Restaurants, shops, services and other business will close down due to no demand for their products, goods and services.

Does the government want a depression to eventuate in the face of a Trump volatility? 

Please create jobs for seniors.  Please stop blaming us. Please make it clear how we can invest our meagre savings so that we can become less dependent.

- BEATRICE TAY, Southport

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