Time to rate your health to see how your New Year's resolutions are progressing, or not.
Time to rate your health to see how your New Year's resolutions are progressing, or not. Ingram Publishing

Rate your heath using free quiz

IT'S month two of the new year and no doubt, some, if not all, of the health promises you made to yourself early in the year haven't quite gone to plan.

Maybe it's a good time for you to review where your health is at and receive some motivational advice, all for free.

The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) offers on its website the Healthy Ageing Quiz.

NARI director Briony Dow said the quiz was not being used for data collection.

"It's really a tool for older people and people approaching older age to use to rate themselves as to how well they are doing in behaviours that are likely to keep them healthy as they get older," Prof Dow said.

The self-assessment tool looks at the following health areas of your life - physical activity, smoking and alcohol use, weight, diet, chronic conditions and medical care, sleep, stimulating your mind, social connection and productive engagement, optimism and adaption.

At the end of the 22 questions all respondents are scored and then rated in one of three categories:

  • 0-15: Many of your current lifestyle choices are not helping you age well.
  • 16-30: Some of your lifestyle choices are helping you age well, others are letting you down.
  • 31-46: You have adopted many positive lifestyle choices that are increasing your chances of ageing well.

You receive a personalised email which, regardless of your score, gives you a list of changes you can make to improve each health area of your life.

What about completing the quiz this week, make some positive changes in the areas that need addressing, then take the quiz again in another three months to see how you are progressing?

If you have concerns with any section of the quiz and its feedback, you can take your quiz report to your GP to talk them about what they recommend you do to improve your health.

For those of you without access to the internet at home, then ask a friend or someone at the local library to help you log onto the website. The address is http://nari.net.au/resources/public/healthy-ageing-quiz-testing.

The quiz stays on the site year-round so you can do it any time you like, but why not do it this week.

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