Sunshine Coast Muslim community member Abdul Malik is fasting for Ramadan.
Sunshine Coast Muslim community member Abdul Malik is fasting for Ramadan. Warren Lynam

Ramadan a ‘training session’ to build up Muslim souls

ABSTAINING from food and water during daylight hours is something to which Abdul Malik has become accustomed.

The 23-year-old Sippy Downs resident has been a Muslim his whole life, having moved from Afghanistan to Australia when he was a teenager.

"Ramadan just basically means fasting," Mr Malik said.

"It is also to educate the Muslims in spirituality, humility and also patience."

Some of the restrictions of Ramadan include drinking no water or eating no food and abstaining from sex from dawn until sunset.

Ramadan began with last week's sighting of the new moon and will continue until the new moon early next month.

"It means when we are hungry and thirsty, we can feel the poor people around the globe.

"We feel how they feel everyday when they are hungry.

"Also, fasting as a Muslim means we increase our good deeds."

That often included giving more food, money, clothes or time to help people in need.

"We get a strong relationship with the communities and we have a better relationship with the people."

He has invited his non-Muslim friends to join him and other Muslims for Iftars- feasts held in the evening during Ramadan.

"They would also like to see how we fast and what is the reason behind it.

"I always invite them just to let them know."

Mr Malik said the Muslim community was growing slowly on the Sunshine Coast.

He said they would most often meet at the Kawana Family Centre for Friday prayers and to share food.

Mr Malik likened Ramadan to a training session.

"So one month is just training (to) build up our souls, build up our good deeds (and) build up our good relationships until the end of next year.

"Then when it approaches again, we start to again do all of these practices."


Some of the nationalities represented in the Sunshine Coast Muslim community include:

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Germany, Fiji, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal as well as African nations.

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